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Calibration of Hydrometers

Can you trust your hydrometer?

After a survey carried out several years ago, we estimated that less than 1% of all hydrometers in use in the UK have a traceable calibration certificate. Uncalibrated hydrometers may give wrong results, which can compromise quality control, and lead to problems with accreditation authorities. Over the years we have received several hydometers for calibration which had the wrong paper scale inside them, and were about 50 kg/m3 (0.05 g/ml) in error.

Regular calibration is important

In order to maintain the quality of your results, we recommend that hydrometers which are used at ambient temperature are calibrated when new, and thereafter at least once every two years. Hydrometers used far above or below ambient temperature should be calibrated annually.

H&D Fitzgerald offer a comprehensive hydrometer calibration service. All our calibrations are covered by our ISO 17025 accreditation, and we supply a UKAS calibration certificate.

Our calibration service offers:

We can calibrate almost any hydrometer…glass, metal, or plastic, and this includes saccharometers, lactometers, vinometers, brinometers, and marine survey.

For futher details and ordering information, see Ordering Hydrometer Calibrations.

New calibrated hydrometers

We can also supply new calibrated hydrometers of any type. All instruments are made to order by a leading meanufacturer. Turnaround time is generally two to three weeks. If you would like a quotation for a new instrument, please contact us.