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Density Meter Cell Cleaner

A clean cell is a happy cell!

In order for a density meter to function properly, its measurement cell must be cleaned thoroughly between measurements. Failure to do so will result in incorrect results, and may cause permanent damage to the cell.

For many users of density meters, cleaning the measurement cell is a laborious process involving alternating periods of manual solvent injection and air drying. Depending upon the properties of the samples being measured, this cleaning process can be a significant drain on the technician’s time.


H&D Fitzgerald Ltd. have developed a programmable density meter cell cleaner which automates the cleaning process, leaving the technician free to carry out other tasks.

Initially developed for our own in-house use, the density meter cell cleaner provides a simple and reliable means of ensuring that your density meter’s cleaning regime is followed fully and consistently.


Ordering Density Meter Cell Cleaners

The density meter cell cleaner is priced at £1035GBP.

For an individual quotation, or to discuss ordering a unit, please contact us.